Audio Production

Audio Production

The right voice, the right script, the right music.  These are the building blocks that can make or break any production.  Lucky for you, we have experience in this!  But, it's not about us.  It's about the message you want to deliver.  We'll work with you to get these things perfect, not just OK.

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The tone, gender, lilt all have to be weighed when choosing the right voice talent.  The type of message and the overall feel of the production will  determine the voice you choose.

We work with 86 professional voice talent artists.  These are professionals that you've already heard on TV, radio, Internet, movie trailers.  You can listen to a sample of each one or we can suggest the ones that would work perfectly for your message, and you can listen to those and pick your favorite.

Communicating an idea is all about words.  The right words, in the right places make all the difference in how an idea is received.

We can help you with your script, so you get the maximum bang for the buck.  Your message is important and you obviously want the greatest number of people to be moved to action, by it.

This is where things get emotional.  Music has the power to move people to tears, or to indicate that danger is approaching.  Try watching a movie that you've already seen, one that really moved you.  Mute the sound.  Big difference, huh?  Music puts the finishing touches on the production and shines it to a stunning glimmer.

We work with many music producers from around the U.S.  We'll provide you with the right music for your message, that will be sure to stir the emotions.