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Just about every business needs to have a website.  Small, large, huge, it really doesn't matter.  The Internet is the first place that, up to, 80% of your customers go to check out who you are and what you offer before they even step foot through your door.  And the majority of them are doing so on a mobile device!  The American population is becoming increasingly impatient and if they can't find you on their device, they're going to go to the competition who is.

And, if they find you on their device but your website loads too slowly, they're going someplace else.  Putting a website up isn't just about how it looks and what information you have there, it's about the technology behind it.

If you already have a website, have you tried to find it on Google?  Did you find it?  Was it on the first page of results?  If you said 'no' to any one of those questions, your website is failing you.  Your site must be easy to find or you're just throwing money out the window.

If you already have a website, have you looked at it on different browsers, mobile devices, desktops?  On a mobile device, is it clean and easy to navigate?  A site that can deliver the content on all devices, accurately and uniformly, is called 'responsive'.  It's an absolute must, that your site is responsive since up to 80% of your site visitors will be on a mobile device.

Color, layout, content are the building blocks of website design.  Color makes a huge impact on whether a person will stay on the site or even make a purchase!  Many studies have proven that the wrong color schemes will drive people away.

The layout of the site is another big element.  A customer isn't going to stay on a site that is difficult to navigate.  If the content being searched for can't be found within a maximum of three clicks, that person is going to leave the site.  Most of the time, content must be found after no more than two clicks but the best is just one.

The content, on the site, must be relative to the site's mission.  And it must hold the visitor's interest.  All text, is in most cases, a bad thing.  We're a mobile society and quick paced.  Most often a video is faster and easier to watch than reading several paragraphs.  Consider interspersing videos to explain and show what you offer.  The more professionally done the video, the better.

Here are just three examples of different types of website we've designed and implemented.

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Ranch Livingston website screenshot    Ace Roofing Website Screenshot    Drone Mountain website screenshot