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9 out of 10 websites, currently active on the Internet, rank poorly in performance.  They look nice and have all of the content the client requires, but the programming that actually makes the site is poorly executed.  This makes a website load slower than it could, security of the site is often not as tight as it could be, images are to digitally heavy, and several other aspects usually need work.

Look at it like a new, shiny sports car.  It looks great on the outside, and may even sound good.  But, guess what, they put a used engine with 100,000 miles on it, under the hood.  Unless you knew enough to look under the hood, and know what you’re looking at, you wouldn’t know the difference.  That’s the same way it is with a website.  Your website designer, most likely, did the best he/she could do, but fell short of finishing the job.

This is a test result for one of our clients, using a third-party testing tool.  A huge difference that resulted in a much faster website, which results in a more enjoyable user experience, fewer lost customers, and a better Google ranking.

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