Ace Roofing


Project Brief This roofing company, located in a small town 40 miles from the closest metro area, needed to place itself into a more competitive position with larger companies in the metro area, and throughout the state.  We met several times, to develop a game plan and site design.  This culminated in the [...]

Gary Kerby Art


Project Brief When you create custom art, how do you get your work in front of potential clients?  You have a professional website created, of course! For this website, we included elements our client hadn't expressly requested.  We knew, that for the site to be successful, these pieces had to be in place.  [...]

Website Performance Optimization


9 out of 10 websites, currently active on the Internet, rank poorly in performance.  They look nice and have all of the content the client requires, but the programming that actually makes the site is poorly executed.  This makes a website load slower than it could, security of the site is often not as tight [...]